HH Auctions the place to buy classic cars

Whether you are looking to buy your first classic car or you already have your own garage show room and want something to add to your collection the best place to find something unique at a competitive price is HH Auctions. Alternatively if you are looking to upgrade your classic car and want something different then the auctions offer a plethora of motor vehicles or motor bikes and even buses.
HH Auctions

Auctions are undertaken on a regular basis throughout the year across the UK and Europe. you can visit the HH Auctions website and check out the online calendar of auction dates near you and then plan your trip to the auctions.

Purchasing with HH Auctions

Buy a classic car at HH Auctions is easy. A catalog is available on the day so with the full listings of everything that will be sold on the day which gives you clear information on each lot. You can browse through and locate what you like and get ready of the auction. You can go along and view the cars to see what you want and then the auction begins.

The bidding on the day will not be too fast, so if you are a novice you will soon be able to pick up what is happening and get into the flow. If you make a purchase through the bidding then you just show your number and report to the sales desk following the sale. At the desk the sales people are really helpful and you can make your payment in several ways including bank drafts, cash, mastercard, maestro or building society cheque. Please be aware though that if you decide to use a credit card then there is a small percentage charge. Now small percentage is not too much on a car of a couple of thousand pounds but when you are talking about 50 thousand then it is quite a bit so be prepared.

Motorcycles at Coys Auctions

As a motor cycle enthusiast I have a variety of motor cycles from Harleys to Yamaha or even the odd suzuki. But when thinking about adding to my collection I decided to have a good look around and I came across Coys Auctions. They have a variety of motor vehicle auctions but they also specialise in holding auctions that are just for motor cycles.

I got myself on line and found that they were holding a motorcycle auction in London and it was promoted as a major event which needed to be put in the diary. The website had a catalogue of the motorcycles that were going to be sold and I was amazed at the variety of cycles. There were the old pre-war cycles, junior off road motor cycles, classics and even a Ducati.

Coy Auctions

I’ve got to get this, so it’s time to plan the trip.

Coys Auction at the London Motorcycle Show.

The Coys Auction in London is held at the Excel Centre, Royal Victoria Dock on February 13th 2016. The auction is open the day before for viewing and also on the day of the auction from 9-2.30 with the auction starting at 2.30.

I’ve seen a few lots that I am interested online so I have planned a little holiday to London traveling in by train to avoid the traffic charges and then staying for a couple of nights at a nearby hotel. I’ll write another blog here when I get back to let you know how it went and of course what I bought.

Sometimes people talk about these cars as antique cars and these fall into another category of cars which were produced before the first world war. I find whatever you call them these cars are indeed classic and need to cherished and looked after but I’m one of those enthusiasts that love all things motor. Take a look at these cars that never went to the crusher.

Classic Cars

Have you ever wondered “What are Classic Cars?”
Is there a criteria that a car needs to fulfill before it can be called a classic car. Does it have to be over a certain age? Does it need to be a certain make and model? Does it link with limited edition cars? So I thought I’d do some research as an insurance company will always ask the question is it a classic?

The definition of a classic car is different across the world and some just felt it was a car which was worthy of collecting whereas others stipulated that it needed to be more than 10 years old. So is this old banger of mine a classic car or is it just fit for the scrap yard?
classic cars

Well it does meet the criteria of being over 10 years of age.

Classic Car or Vintage Car

What is the difference between a classic car and a vintage car? Again the question is about age as I mentioned early Classic is over 10 years old however vintage cars are usually date from around 1920-1930 just after the first world war.